Ari Fink featuring members of lespecial, Twiddle and other very special guests
Saturday | June 29, 2024
on StageOne
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Public Onsale  Fri 6/21 | 12PM
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ARCH3TYPE is the latest project from Ari Fink, a long-time SiriusXM music programmer + host, known nationwide for producing, directing, and presenting the most exciting acts in the psychedelic music scene via satellite. Now, he’s bringing a new wave of musical medleys and mashups to stages across the country, with a revolving cast of talented friends including Ryan Dempsey (Twiddle) and Luke Bemand (lespecial). Structured on his foundation of genre-fluid DJ programming, unique arrays of instrumentalists shape fresh arrangements out of Ari’s tracks, propelling this DJ/live-band sonic hybrid into the improvisational unknown.