Heaven Stood Still
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Tuesday | April 2, 2024
on StageOne
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7PM  Doors
7:30PM  Heaven Stood Still
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Q&A With Director Larry Locke after the film.
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There was no one like the American singer Willy DeVille. From CBGB Latin punk to New Orleans soul singer to the premiere voice of American roots music on the continent of Europe for three decades, he was arguably the most original, most romantic artist of his time, writing and performing the Academy Award-nominated theme to the movie The Princess Bride. No one inhabited as many musical styles and personas, and everything about him was a work of art. Yet almost no one knows anything about him, where he came from or who he loved. How could he fly under the radar for 35 years yet leave so much we do know in his path? A new documentary, Heaven Stood Still: The Incarnations of Willy DeVille, presents DeVille as an important but underappreciated artist, highlighting his achievements and career frustrations. Its talking heads—Sting, Mark Knopfler, the late Ben E. King, Peter Wolf, producers Jack Nitzsche and the late Hal Willner, and one former Talking Head, drummer Chris Frantz—offer insightful commentary.