FTC Saturday Kids

Music lessons can pay off for decades, even for those who no longer play instruments. Music keeps the mind sharp, serving as a challenging cognitive exercise. It also feeds the soul, develops character and boosts creativity. Music does not discriminate between race, income, or social status. It benefits children equally.
- Childhood Music Lessons May Provide Lifelong Boost in Brain Functioning, Science Daily

What We Do

In partnership with teachers from KEYS, Kids Empowered by Your Support (keysmusic.org), FTC provides music education for elementary and middle school music students from the Bridgeport public schools - Columbus, Beardsley, Johnson, Marin and the Roosevelt School – among others. Currently FTC and KEYS provide a nine-month series of music workshops held on Saturdays from January to June.

The series of Saturday classes is a mix of small intensives - one-to-one student-teacher ratio, as well as day-long workshops for dozens of students in classical guitar, violin, cello, jazz improvisation, singing and percussion.  Subjects taught include technique, reading music and  collaborative playing. The classes end with a short recital with professional musicians who perform at StageOne.

Our Partners

KEYS, a Connecticut-based nonprofit provides private cello, piano, violin, and classical guitar lessons, taught by experienced instructors, during the school day to Bridgeport children whose families do not have the means to pay for music instruction. KEYS also conducts music awareness, music fundamentals, group recorder, and group choral lessons, all on school grounds, both after-school and during the summer.

Confidence. Creativity. Collaboration. These are just some of the things that improve when a child participates in structured, rigorous music education. Multiple studies have shown that students that learn music develop stronger academic skills, and in general, enjoy a higher quality of life than peers who do not study music.

Unfortunately, cuts in school music education programs have left many students with minimal exposure to the arts. This trend has taken an especially harsh toll on high-need students, since school-based programs are often the only opportunity they have to receive music education.

SpreadMusicNow is committed to filling this gap by funding music programs that foster continual learning and that put students on a clear path to college, career, and life success.