Fairfield University Reunion Concert
Friday | June 7, 2024
in The Warehouse
What You Need to Know
Onsale Schedule
Public Onsale  Tue 2/27 | 4:30PM
General Admission - Standing

Standard $25
$20 + $5 Convenience Fee
Fees apply to phone & internet purchases
Show Schedule
7PM  Doors
7:30PM  Show
Times subject to change
Study Up
Fairfield University’s many talented alumni bands played a memorable role in the Fairfield County music scene in the mid-to-late 1980s. Several of those musicians are reuniting for a special concert on June 7, 2024 for Fairfield University’s Reunion Weekend. The concert, open to the public and all Fairfield University alumni, will provide a nostalgic evening of cover music across a variety of genres and generations. The Adults, comprised of members of the alumni bands Broken Bottles, Johnny and the Favorites, Mitch & Jim, and Cosmic Embryo, have made music together since 1985. They provide "Adult Entertainment For Kids Who Are Alright," performing a wide range of rock, country, indie, instrumental, and original music. Band members include Bill Conroy ’91, Peter Grennan ’89, Jim Sheridan ’89, Paul Simonetta ’89, and Gene Tiernan ’89. Johnny and the Favorites members (Peter Bongiorno '90, Michael Fitzgerald '89, Mark Grieco '90, Jim Hannon '89, Kevin Kuryla '88, Brian Machler '87, and Paul Simonetta '89) will reunite to bring their biggest hits of cover music from their college era, from Bruce to The Cure and anything else you might’ve heard on WLIR or WNEW. Let’s go back in time to Club Tip Toe, the Sea Grape, Woods End or the Point, ’cause We’re Having a Party!